About Us

Q:- How does this all work?

When will I get my Puppy?

A:Saintheart YorkiePups was started in 2010 to bring you the cutest & tiniest HAPPY HEALTHY Pups one can possibly get their hands on. We deeply care to spread the joy & love a family pet can provide. Once you choose your puppy (or your puppy chooses you), go to the CONTACTS page and fill the required info. Make sure to specify the NAME of the puppy, enter all your information & make sure you give contact phone numbers (cell phone) & a valid email so we can send you the invoice, receipt & flight information with tracking number. Once purchased, we will contact & let you know which day the puppy could arrive. We will book your puppy on a flight & email you all the information along with a tracking number within 24 hours of your purchase. The puppies fly on DELTA VIP CARGO. We pay extra for the V.I.P. treatment so your puppy passes Cargo pickup & goes directly to Baggage Claim. We give your name & cell phone number to the airlines, so bring your I.D. & cell phone with you to the airport.** IMPORTANT: If someone (other than you) is picking up your puppy, you will need a signed & dated statement of release from the person who purchased. Bring this signed document releasing the care of the puppy to the person you designate.

Dietary Management

Proper nutrition is key to helping your pet live a long and healthy life .


Our doctors have all the tools to treat your pet if they suffer from skin issues or external parasites .


Starting at 8 weeks into adulthood, we provide a wide variety of vaccinations, depending on the lifestyle of our pet


Regular grooming is important because, not only does your pet look good, but it is also great preventative health care

How We Started

When we were trying to come up with a name many years ago, we only had to watch our playful puppies for a short time before coming up with our name, Saintheart Yorkie Puppies. Anyone who has seen little puppies at play will know how cute a little puppy can be! Always wanting to know what is going on, see what is on the other side of something, or just wanting to know what “that tastes like”! Always chewing on something, smelling something, or wanting to dig; puppies are always very curious! We at Curious Puppies have spent a number of years investing into the young lives of our fostered puppies, and have enjoyed nearly every minute of it! (There is a lot of poop to clean up…!) But overall it has been a wonderful experience for us, our children, and our adult dogs. Our children were very young when we had our first litter of puppies, and they don’t remember life without little curious puppies running around the house or the yard!

Pictured are just some of our memorable times with our Royal puppies. We have enjoyed many different litters and breeds, and have fallen in love with so many of them! Our most common breeds are Yorkie Puppy and Tiny Yorkie puppies. We look forward to the updates and stories from our adopted puppies, and if you have a puppy from Curious Puppies, please send us a testimonial including pictures submitted to the testimonial section on our website. We LOVE to see our puppies as they grow, and hear how loved and spoiled they are!!.

The Yorkie Puppy has an extremely friendly personality, they are everyone’s friend. Because of this friendly nature, they are very easy to train and respond really well to reward and praise. They are extremely confident and outgoing, and because of this nature, they tend to get their own way and are easy to spoil.

A Yorkie Puppy will enjoy their daily walk, along with playing games like hide and seek and fetch at home. They do need to be out in sunlight and if their nose starts to go a grey colour, or has lighter patches on it, it is a sign that they need more sunshine. A black nose is a sign they are healthy. Yorkie Puppies are susceptible to the damp weather, so while this shouldn’t stop them from getting their daily walk it is important that you get them a raincoat if the weather is extreme.

It’s recommended that you feed your Yorkie Puppies twice per day with a specialist food for their breed. Measured portions will ensure that they don’t overeat. Consult with your vet about the best brand of food, and portion size, for your dog.