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Happy Customers

All of our puppies are playful. Those words are a bit synonymous... PUPPY = PLAYFUL. Vice versa. We don't sell any puppies that don't fit the definition. Any & all breeds we carry are going to be good for children. We would never offer any dog or breed of dog known for it's bad temperament. Rest assured all our puppies play well with children & are well socialized to be around all ages.

Q:- How do I know this site is not a scam? A:- Please check our customer referral section of our site. This is the best way we know how to let every visitor to Snow T-Poms know we can not possibly be a scam! Also, if we are scammers we would not get positive reviews on the website!. We also ship same day with Online tracking number and flight info. Request for flight itinerary once your puppy is registered for shipping so you can track flight take-off and arrival time.